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Shane Ramer is the creator and host of That Sober Guy Podcast.  That Sober Guy gives others a platform to share their own stories while creating community and entertainment in a digital and live environment. TSG reaches tens of thousands of listeners across states and continents and has been downloaded millions of times.

Shane has been sober since September 11th, 2013.

04:22 – Shane takes us through his life in 2013 that fostered his current stint of recovery

08:27 – He always knew he had a problem but it wasn’t until he fully surrendered and entered rehab that he was able to turn sobriety into recovery

16:46 – For his recovery to work he needed to work his recovery

19:51 – Shane’s secret sauce is to work it while keeping mentors close and taking control of his sobriety

23:45 – While he has a good amount of recovery under his belt, he doesn’t have it all figured out and he is okay not having the answers all the time

31:06 – Andrew & Shane discuss their drinking/using mentalities as they realized they needed to get sober

33:20 – With 6-years of sobriety, how does Shane protect himself when he’s in situations where there is drinking

38:14 – This is why Shane created “That Sober Guy Podcast

42:13 – Shane shares his advice for those struggling with addiction and/or sobriety (you need to put the work in & ask for help)

44:35 – This is what sets “That Sober Guy Podcast” apart from the rest

48:51 – For those struggling with recovery or entrepreneurship – don’t give into the fear – put yourself out there and success can happen (and learn to take a complement)

53:29 – For more information about Shane go to…

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