Paul Churchill – World-Weary Drunk Returns Home in the Recovery Elevator

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Books mentioned in this episode:

Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money– Pat Flynn

Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism– Katherine Ketcham

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts : Close Encounters with Addiction– Gabor Maté

Paul Churchill is the host of the podcast “Recovery Elevator” which has been downloaded nearly 3 million times.  He is also the founder of Café RE a group that helps alcoholics and those dealing with drug addiction build a community around recovery.  He has currently been sober since September 7, 2014.

03:21 – Paul walks us through his story of heartbreak and explains how he turned to drinking to soften his inner turmoil

05:55 – Why become an investment banker when you can open a bar in Granada, Spain and blackout every night?

09:54 – Barely surviving his life in Spain, Paul returns to the States ultimately realizing that his excessive drinking was a problem 

11:41 – His message he took from his first 12-step meeting was to convince himself he wasn’t an alcoholic and… game on!  He began drinking on and off again until September 7, 2014.

17:59 – Is addiction and alcoholism an illness/disease?

21:51 – Paul reflects on what’s different in his current recovery verses his previous ones – he no longer relies on willpower to prevent him from drinking

24:40 – His sobriety date and the launch of his podcast are pretty close together – how has it affected his ability to refrain from drinking?

27:12 – When did doing a podcast go from a personal venture to a vehicle to help other people?

31:32 – Recovery Elevator’s community asked for meetups and other communal activities

34:18 – If you build it they might not come, so make sure they want it before you build it

37:34 – Paul’s favorite failure

41:46 – Can anyone really ever say, “I got this”?  Paul’s answer may surprise you.

48:30 – What’s worse, drugs or alcohol?

54:08 – Paul shares his “worst memory” from drinking

58:00 – You might be an alcoholic if…

59:42 – Paul shares his advice for those who are struggling with addiction and people who are trying to grow their business. 

1:01:53 – For more information on Paul Churchill

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